The Senior Honours Essay (SOC 499A/B) is an option for students in the Sociology four-year general and Honours major plans.

Over the course of two terms, students are asked to demonstrate their ability to think sociologically and work independently by writing a report based on original research which uses some of the things learned in their courses in theory, methods, and the various other subject areas of sociology.

This research may take a variety of forms, but generally, students who complete a senior honours essay are interested in:

  • collecting and analyzing some data 
  • analyzing in a new way data collected by someone else 
  • criticizing, elaborating, or extending some area of sociological theory
  • gaining experience in anticipation for graduate school

This research is done in consultation with a member of the faculty in the Department of Sociology and Legal Studies. (In double/joint Honours academic plans, the faculty member may be from either department). SOC 499 A/B is the equivalent of two SOC 400-level courses, and is completed over two terms.