Within the Faculty of Arts lie many subjects, the majority of which have their own societies which interact with the Arts Student Union (ASU).

Listed below are some of the current active arts societies at the University of Waterloo (UW) as well as the best way to contact them to get involved or to find out more about their events as written by the society itself.

Accounting and Finance Student Association

The Accounting & Finance Student Association (AFSA) is a student run organization representing nearly 2000 students studying Accounting & Financial Management, Biotechnology/CPA, Mathematics/CPA and Computing & Financial Management. Our goal is to create a strong community within our program and provide students with all the necessary resources to succeed. Through events, merchandise sales, professional development sessions along with many other initiatives, we work to support every student in all facets of their university experience. We will always continue to provide an environment in which all accounting and finance students feel included and a part of our family where they can continue to develop personally and professionally. For more information, please visit

Anthropology Society

UW Anthropology Society

The UW Anthropology Society aims to bring students together through fun intellectual events as well as helping students to make connections with professors. Through our events we hope to create a stronger Anthropology community at UW! Annual Events include Meet the Professors and a Flint mapping tutorial. 


Arts and Business Society

The purpose of the Arts and Business (ARBUS) society is to create a sense of community for our students, and a sense of loyalty to the ARBUS program. We aim to give the students an opportunity to meet and connect with each other, alumni and faculty and staff. We achieve these goals through:

  • academic workshops
  • strong connections with the faculty and alumni
  • relevant social events

We aim to provide students with support in multiple ways, whether that’s academically, socially, or assistance with planning for the co-op/future careers.

Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, or email us at

Classics and Medieval Studies Society

The Classics and Medieval Society (CMS) is open to anyone interested in the study of ancient Greece, Rome and the ancient world.  Students achieve this through the in-depth study of literature, languages, history, sciences, philosophy, art and architecture. Interdisciplinary courses are offered with Anthropology, History, English, Political Sciences and Religious Studies.

The society aims to assist students in their courses and overall academic achievement.

Throughout the year events and opportunities include:

  • Guest lectures
  • Dinners and Social Events
  • Trips to Conferences
  • Studies Abroad (CLAS 390)*

*Previous destinations include Greece, England, Turkey and Italy.

All interested students are encouraged to visit the CMS lounge in Modern Languages 245 to become involved with and benefit from the society.

Join us on Facebook!

Classics and medieval

Communication Arts Society

The Communication Arts Society (CAS) is a collaboration with a focus on organizing events and social gatherings to connect Speech Communication, Digital Arts Communication, and Theatre & Performance students. Our goal is to hold engaging events that will create opportunities for further communication development with staff and other Arts students. These also offer the chance to build community outside of the classroom. We hope to build bridges within and outside the Communication Arts department and we welcome all to check out our events!  Follow us on Instagram and Facebook to keep up with our events.

Economics Society

UW Econ Header

Looking for ways to connect with your peers and department outside of the classroom? The Economics Society is the perfect way to get involved!

Our mandate as a student society is to provide economics students the infrastructure and tools for collaborative engagement, support and learning. We aim to provide social and academic events throughout the year that contribute to the student experience and promote networking and learning opportunities.

Those who are interested in learning more about us can check out our website:

If you have any questions about the society or have any feedback you would like to share, please reach out to us at:

English Society

UW English Society Logo

Our purpose is simple: to foster an inclusive community for students and professors within the English Department. Through English Society, our long-term goal is to further highlight the value of an English degree and the potential that it brings.

  • Books & Boba
  • Prof Mixer
  • Pizza Lunch with SJU
  • Co-op Panel
  • Giveaways

You can keep in touch with us via our social media.

Facebook: UW English Society

Instagram: @uwenglishsociety


We'd love to answer any questions you might have about our programs, student life and upcoming events!

French Society (Le Cercle Français)

Le Cercle Français is the student society of the French Studies Department at the University of Waterloo. Our goal is to cultivate a spirit of co-operation and to create and maintain lines of communication between all students at the Undergraduate and Graduate levels and the professors.

Each year, le Cercle Français organizes many diverse activities to give all students the opportunity to speak French, meet people, interact with and get to know their professors in a more laidback environment, to share their passion of the French culture and of course, to have fun!

Some traditional Cercle Français events include:

  • La Nuit en Rose (the French Department’s annual ball)

  • Crêpe nights

  • Café-conversation (weekly conversation meetings

  • Pumpkin carving night


Instagram: @uwcerclefrancais

Gender and Social Justice Society 

Gender and Social Justice Society

The Gender and Social Justice society is a student-run organization that represents Gender and Social Justice Majors and Minors. We host fun feminist events every term like de-stress nights, guest lectures, and various other gatherings!

Like us on Facebook at or follow us on Twitter

We'd love to connect with any interested students and answer any questions you might have about our program, student life and upcoming events! Our email address is

German Society

German Society

The German Society strives to bring together students from all facets of life. We are a diverse group comprised of both German and non-German students; with the singular goal of promoting German culture and interaction.

Our enthusiastic executive team sets up fun activities such as coffee and cake, movie nights, Octoberfest events, schnitzel dinners and even bakery trips! This is a great group to join if you're interested in speaking German, learning about the culture or even just ready to make some new friends.

Join our Facebook group or e-mail us if you are interested in attending meetings or want information about upcoming events!

Facebook Page: UW German Society
Society Email:

Global Business and Digital Arts Society

The Global Business and Digital Arts (GBDA) Society represents undergraduate students enrolled in the Global Business and Digital Arts program. The Society also strives to provide GBDA students with academic and professional resources and create community through social and academic events. If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact the GBDA Society at, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

History Society

 University of Waterloo History Society logo.The University of Waterloo History Society is a student run non-profit organization that is open to anyone interested in the study of History, whether major, minor, or neither. We strive to provide opportunities for students to engage with one another, faculty, and professionals in the History field through social and academic-based events.

Events for this year include a movie night, field trips, board game nights, students vs. prof trivia nights, and our annual McKinnon Dinner. Most events are free of cost and include free food!

Like us on Facebook for updates and information on upcoming events. Questions? Send us an email at!

Human Resources Society

The Human Resources Society (HRS) is a student run non-profit organization that hopes to provide students with opportunities to engage with one another, faculty members, alumni, professionals and experts in the industry. We strive to achieve this through networking, professional development, and career building events in order to balance out academic and professional aspects of Human Resources (HR). At the same time we provide opportunities for students with a passion in HR to meet with and interact with each other. We hope to raise awareness of Human Resources on campus and in our local community.

The Human Resources Society aims to create a footprint in the history of the University of Waterloo (UW). We want to form a foundation for the future of to-be human resource professionals, to give them a building block and connect with each other. We want UW HRS to be recognized in the community to increase student opportunities and get involved in the community with not only the local universities but also external professionals.

Please contact if you would like more information or have any questions! 

Legal Studies Society

Legal Studies Society Logo

The Legal Studies Society focuses on creating a sense of community for Legal Studies majors/minors, professors, and anyone with law-related interests. Our executive team coordinates meaningful law-related academic and social events throughout Fall and Winter terms that everyone is welcome to attend.

We commit to supporting you by providing you with the resources you need to feel comfortable with your peers and professors and prepared for your future in a law-related field. Some of our events include student/professor mixers, law school information seminars, career networking opportunities with legal professionals, panels with Legal Studies graduates, and prison trips.

We would love to hear from you! If you have any questions about the Legal Studies Society or the Legal Studies program from a student’s perspective, please contact us at We are also open for suggestions on what you would like to see from us so we can provide you with the peer support you need.

You can keep up-to-date with us and our initiatives on any of our platforms below: 

Facebook: UWLegalStudiesSociety

Instagram: @uwlegalstudiessociety


Music Society

The Music Society strives to connect all students pursuing music education at the University of Waterloo through a balanced combination of social and academic events. We provide enjoyable and educational events including: composition competitions, concerts within the community, trivia nights, additional performance opportunities, undergraduate and graduate information sessions, and many more! Through these events, we aim to promote the passion for music and enhance our student's undergraduate experiences by offering opportunities to take learning outside the classroom.

Please don't hesitate to get in contact with us for more information or if you have questions! You can reach us by e-mail at, or find us on Instagram or Facebook!

Peace and Conflict Studies Society

Peace and Conflict Studies Society is a group of students passionate about social justice issues striving to make an impact in our community and beyond. Some of the ways we get involved with PACS Students and any other students interested:

- Meet and Greet's with Peace and Conflict Studies Professors

- Documentary Screenings

- Volunteer Work

- Discussion Groups

- Exam Prep 

For more information please send an email to or find us on Facebook:

Philosophy Society

We are an undergraduate society affiliated with the University of Waterloo and dedicated to the discussion of philosophy. We organise social events and talks on a variety of philosophical topics (ethics, social and political philosophy, epistemology, philosophy of science, etc.), and we are currently working on setting up an undergraduate journal for students to publish their papers in.

Our members are interested in a variety of disciplines both within and outside of philosophy, so discussion is always sure to be engaging and varied. If you're interested in joining the Philosophy Society, or receiving updates about society events, email us at, and we'll add you to our mailing list. We send out periodic updates to let members know about what we're planning. You can also follow us on our WordPress page and keep up to date with our activities that way.

Political Science Students Association

The Political Science Students Association (PSSA) provides both academic and social support to UW Political Science students. We are more th

Politcal Science Students Association logo, it is an image of earth with their name on it.

an happy to provide any guidance or assistance in helping students connect with the proper academic resources, and in dealing with any issues they may be having within the Political Science (PSCI) department.

The PSSA offers a range of events throughout the year including movie nights, panel discussions, and an academic journal. Additionally, there is an opportunity for students to become involved in the PSSA by becoming a member of the Executive team, responsible for the planning and organization of the PSSA. The PSSA also provides and promotes news and events occurring within the PSCI department.

If you have any questions or would like more information, feel free to contact the PSSA at, like us on Facebook or follow us on Instagram.

Psychology Society

The Psychology Society (PsychSoc) consists of a strong, enthusiastic team that represents undergraduate students enrolled in a Psychology major or minor. PsychSoc’s purpose is to connect students with other undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty. We aim to support students academically, socially, and with co-op/career planning through events and networking opportunities.

While our Tuck Shop (PAS 3080) will not be open for Fall 2020, we invite you to join our Discord Server to hang out with other psychology students, discuss courses, and make new friends. 

Subscribe to our Youtube channel to watch our new series “The Professor Network”, where we interview UW’s psychology faculty on their research, tips for undergraduate students, and more! 

Latest PsychSoc updates can be found on our Facebook Page or our Instagram, and we can be contacted through email at

Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies Society

The Sexuality, Marriage, and Family Studies Society is a student-led body dedicated to representing the needs of undergraduate students enrolled in the SMF major or minor. The SMF Society aims to strengthen communication between students and faculty, build a sense of community through programs and social events, and provide resources for academic support.

Join our Discord server ( to hang out in our chat rooms, visit our office hours, and stay up-to-date on announcements!

We can be contacted by email at You can also visit us on Facebook or Instagram!

Society of Fine Artists

SoFA is a student-run organization, that represents and organizes the community of fine arts students at UWaterloo.

We organize monthly events designed to get Fine Arts students integrated into their community. We want to build a sense of community within our department.  Our goal is to make your university life fun and engaged within the faculty of Fine Arts. 

For more info, please visit us on Facebook or follow us on instagram @uw_finearts!

sofa logo

Sociology Society

The Sociology Society is comprised of enthusiastic students within the Sociology program at the University of Waterloo. Together, students address important events and issues that concern them as a student in Sociology at the University of Waterloo.

Every year the Sociology Society organizes academic and social events for students. These events give students the opportunity to gain further knowledge as well as meet other students and professors. Events the society has held in the past include: guest lecturers, trivia nights, alumni events, prof-student mixers and more.

If you are looking for more information feel free to check out the Sociology Society's website, Facebook page, Instagram, e-mail us at, or visit our office at Psychology, Anthropology and Sociology (PAS) 2062.

Sociology Society Logo

Spanish and Latin American Studies Student Society

Spanish and Latin American Studies Student Society

The Spanish and Latin American Studies Student Society is a student-run organization that aims to create a sense of community for the diverse group of students in SLAS. The idea is to welcome all students regardless of cultural background and language abilities-to share their experiences and passions for the Latin life. The society connects students from all departments with alumni, faculty, and staff in the Spanish and Latin American Studies department.

In the past, we have hosted various events such as board games nights where both Spanish and non-Spanish students are welcome to join and share some traditional Spanish food. During the pandemic, we hope to cultivate a similar sense of community through social and academic online events such as zoom meetings and social media interactions. Visit our Facebook page and follow us on Instagram for more information on our society and its events. You can also reach us via email at

Theatre Students Union

Theatre Students Union

We are a loud, rambunctious and wildly inviting group of students who work to keep our fellow Theatre and Performance students entertained with frequent social events and exciting workshops. Want to check out what we have planned? Check us out on Facebook and follow us on Instagram @uw.tsu or if you have any questions shoot us at Email at