About Arts Student Union

What is the Arts Student Union?

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The Arts Student Union (ASU) is the

official representative of all undergraduate arts students. Our main goal is to serve the arts community to the best of our abilities through education sessions, social events, and volunteering opportunities.

Under the ASU are many societies that represent the various departments within the Faculty of Arts. It is the collaboration of the Faculty of Arts that results in the highest success for all.

The ASU office is located in Arts Lecture Hall (AL) 120, this office houses the tuck shop where anyone can get snacks and beverages as well as use our microwave.

Who is a part of the ASU?

All undergraduates registered in the Faculty of Arts of the University of

The University of Waterloo Arts Faculty mascot.

Waterloo are automatically members of the ASU, provided the Arts Student Union Society fee is paid, and has not been reclaimed.

There are seven ASU executive positions which work together with the assistance of other volunteers to provide events as well as services for all arts students throughout each term.

What does the ASU do?

Some of the services provided by the ASU include:

Arts Student Union Tuck Shop.
  • Tuck shop operations
  • Lost and found
  • Events

Regular ASU events

The ASU holds several events regularly. The most popular of which are the Arts Gala, which happens annually during the winter term, and the Halloween Haunt at Canada's Wonderland which runs every fall term.

The most recent Arts Gala was at the Inn of Waterloo and it was our largest one yet! All up coming events, including the Arts Gala are posted on this website (under the Events menu) and our Instagram account. We wouldn't want you to miss a thing!


For more information about the ASU, please view the ASU Constitution (Edited in Winter 2021) or speak to an ASU executive member.