There are several stages in the Arts Student Union (ASU) executive election process, beginning with the nomination period.


In order to be considered a candidate for the elections, all interested students must be nominated by 10 active arts undergraduate students. Active simply meaning that they have not received their refund from the ASU. The potential candidates must then submit their nomination form (PDF)  to the current chief returning officer by the specified due date. In the case of the Winter 2021 election, nominations will be collected through vote.wusa.ca and all Arts students are eligible to nominate candidates through this website. 

If there is only one person/team of two that successfully completes a nomination form for a specific position, they are acclaimed to that position. If more than one individual submits a successful form, they move to the campaigning period.


Posting signs and notices

  • Signs must be approved and stamped by the chief returning officer before being posted.
  • Signs may be posted on the inside of the Arts Lecture Hall, Hagey Hall, Psychology Anthropology and Sociology (PAS) building and Modern Languages building only.
  • Signs may be posted in any residence or college subject to the approval and posting procedures of each building.
  • Signs may be affixed to glazed tile, clay brick and glass surfaces, with the exception of glass surfaces on doors.
  • No scotch tape may be used and no signs should be affixed to painted or wooden surfaces.
  • Candidates shall observe the regulations of appropriately designated authorities (including the ASU) regarding the posting of signs on particular bulletin boards and the distribution of materials in the approved buildings.
  • Candidates shall be responsible for the removal of all campaign materials by the end of the polling period.
  • The Elections Committee may take action as it sees fit, upon to and including penalization of a candidate for contravention of any of these regulations or any other campaign regulations agreed upon in writing by all of the candidates.

Electronic campaigning

  • The chief returning officer must approve any campaign materials to be distributed electronically, whether by website or by any other form of social media.

General guidelines

  • There will be no slandering of other candidates in any form. If the election committee witnesses slanderous activities, measures will be taken.
  • Candidates may, but are not obligated to, present a speech at Council. Said speech will last no more than two minutes. Speeches will be timed to ensure that all candidates have the time to speak.
    • There will be a questions period once all candidates have spoken.
  • With the exception of March Break Open House and tuck-shop runs, all campaigning members cannot be present in the ASU office.
    • If currently a member of the executive team, the nominee’s duties will be put on hold for the duration of campaigns and elections.