Fall 2024 course offerings

The Religious Studies department will have several in-class course offerings in fall 2024. Course times and locations will be posted on the Schedule of Classes when available. For course descriptions, please see the Undergraduate Calendar. Check the Registrar's Office Important Dates so you know when you can add classes. 

This list is subject to change.

100 | 200 | 300 | 400

RS 100s

RS Course Held With Mode

100 Religions of Asia


101 Introductory Ancient Greek 1

GRK 101


110 Religions of the West



123Monsters & Magic in Japanese Popular Culture
EASIA 102R In-Class

RS 200s

RS Course Held With Mode

216 Islam

219 Religion in America   In-class

223 Intermediate Greek

GRK 201 In-class 

228 Big Ideas of the Bible

JS 228 In-class 

235 Jesus: Life and Legacy

JS 235 Online

242R Religious Diversity and Social Development

SDS 242 In-Class

260 Religion Matters

264 Spiritual Journeys   In-Class
270 Religion in Popular Film FINE 252 Online

272 The Holocaust and Film

JS 233/GER 283 In-class
285 The Sacred Earth: Religion and Ecology ERS 294 In-Clas
291 Special Topics    

 RS 300s

RS Course Held With Mode

314 Secret teaching in Mysticism & Judaism

JS 314 In-class
318 Indigenous Worldviews and Spirituality INDG 318 In-class

343 Reformation History

HIST 379 In-class

350 Dying for God

391 Special Topics    In-class

398 Directed Readings in Special Subjects


RS 400s

RS Course Held With Mode