Winter 2024 course offerings

The Religious Studies department will have in-class and some online course offerings in winter 2024. Course times and locations will be posted on the Schedule of Classes when available. For course descriptions, please see the Undergraduate Calendar. Check the Registrar's Office Important Dates so you know when you can add classes. 

This list is subject to change.

100 | 200 | 300 | 400

RS 100s

RS Course Held With Mode

100 Religions of Asia


102 Introductory Ancient Greek 2

GRK 102

GRK 602


110 Religions of the West


121 Evil


RS 200s

RS Course Held With Mode
204 Buddhism   In Class

208 Religions of India

  In Class
210 Judaism JS 217 In Class

220 Religion and Politics

PSCI 253 In Class

224 Selections from Greek Authors

GRK 202 In Class

235 Jesus: Life and Legacy

JS 235 Online

240 History of Christianity

HIST 235 In Class

241 Sex, Politics, and Religion in the US and  Canada

  In Class
253 Christianity's Big Questions   In Class
262 Spirituality, Secularity, and Religion in Sociological Perspective SOC 260 In Class

270 Religion in Popular Film

FINE 252 Online

280 Cults and New Religious Movements

SOC 262 In Class
288 Health, Medicine, and Spirituality HHUM 288 In Class

 RS 300s

RS Course Held With Mode

318 Indigenous World Views and Spirituality

INDG 318 In Class

342 Heresy and Religious Crises in Late Medieval Europe


HIST 304

In Class

357 The Church's Song

CMW 363


In Class

383 Justice, Peace and Development

  In Class

398 Dir Readings: Special Subjects


RS 400s

RS Course Held With Mode

462 Religion and Spirituality in the Social and Legal World

SOC 402 In Class