Student leaders

Grebel's 2022 dons standing side-by-side for a picture

Grebel is far more than a place to eat, study, and sleep. We want you to be involved! In fact, it's been shown that a dose of extra-curricular involvement helps you be successful academically. See who's involved now and think about how you might be interested in contributing in the future!

Student Council Fall 2022

President Bel Cairns
Vice-President Nathan Yap
Treasurer Gia Zhou
Secretary Tessa Hedrick
Social Convener Peter Matsakis and Michael Wu
Associate Reps  Isobel Flindall
First Year Reps Ben Hollingsworth and Isabel Song

Larger Leadership Team Fall 2022

Special Projects Cameron McMahon and Samuel Craig
Food Rep Grace Wideman
Athletic Reps Maya Kaekiza and Kaelyn Vanderniet
Grebelspeaks Editors Maia Aurini and Erin Movold
Yearbook Editors Marina Wheaton and Alex Gracie
Environment Reps Anya Fieguth and Mya Tyrell
Peace Society Imogen Sloss
FLOW Beth Walkington and Elizabeth Ahing
Gents Cole Fehr and Simon Friesen
QuAQ Sage Buist
International Student Rep Darley Dau and Jane


Mark Leistra and Tim Zwart

Chapel Team Fall 2022

Thanks to Asa Suderman Gladwell, Colin Funk, Emilie Chase, Leah Schapansky, Sarah Driediger, Savannah Edwards, Selah Woelk, Tim Peters, Merveille Mwankin, Jordan Li, and Eva Booker for being the Chapel team this term.

Grebel Orientation Committee (GOC) and Orientation Week Leaders (OWLS) Fall 2022

Grebel Orientation Committee (GOC) Derek De Gelder, Megan Hudson and Jordan Li
Orientation Week Leaders (OWLS) Maia Aurini. Bel Cairns, Ruth Charette, Sarah Driediger, Jared Dyck, Kyle Ferrier, Isobel Flindall, Julia Kambulow, Joel Klassen, Abby Krueger, Mia Lutz, Alana Matuso, Liv McClelland, Maya Morton Ninomiya, Anya Murray, Aria Scerbovic, Chloe Shantz, Mitchell Tiessen, Reu Zuidema, and Justin Zwart.

Recruitment Ambassadors 2022/2023

Fall 2022

Ruth Charette

Chloe Shantz

Maya Kaekiza

Leah Dau

Winter 2023

Maya Kaekiza

Chloe Shantz

Ragy Boktor

Issie McCloskey

Spring 2023

Ruth Charette

Liv McClellend

Megan Hudson

Grebel Dons

Fall 2022 Dons: Sarah Driediger, Selah Woelk, Tim Khoo, Ian Miedema, Iso Flindall 

Winter 2023 Dons: Sarah Driediger, Curtis Struyk, Abby Krueger, Kyle Ferrier, Henry Stevens 

Spring 2023 Dons: Selah Woelk, Tim Khoo, Serina Ykema-King



Application and reference forms due January 15, 2023 for the 2023/2024 academic year.

  1. Read the Don Job Description.
  2. Complete and submit the online Grebel Don Application form for fall 2023, winter 2024, and/or spring 2024. Five Dons will be selection for each fall and winter, three Dons for spring. Typically, only applicants who have already lived at Grebel will be considered.
  3.  Identify a Don Referee that is a Grebel resident or associate, understands the Don role, and knows you well enough to identify and describe your suitability for the role. 
  4. Your referee will need to complete and submit the Grebel Don Reference Form.
  5. Applicants selected for an interview will be notified.
Student Council These volunteer roles are elected. Elections for open positions take place at various times throughout the year and will be announced within the community.
Larger Leadership Team These volunteer roles are appointed. Calls for applications will happen at various times throughout the year and may include a creative component.
Chapel Team If you are interested in participating on the Chapel team, contact the Grebel Chaplain at anytime:
Recruitment Ambassador Call for applications will be initiated from Student Services. Students must apply and go through an interview process. Applications for the following year will be accepted in March. Cover letter and resume sent to the Student Life and Recruitment Coordinator. This is a paid position.
Grebel Orientation Committee (GOC) Calls for applications are initiated from Student Services. Students submit a cover letter to the Student Life and Recruitment Coordinator in November/December of the preceding year. Typically 3 students form the volunteer team.
Orientation Week Leaders (OWLS) The GOC call for OWL applications beginning in January. There is a creative component and informal interview for these volunteer positions.
Ad Hoc Leadership Opportunities

There are a number of additional ways for students to get involved:

Banquet committee - Call for team about halfway through each term. Work with Student Life and Recruitment Coordinator.

Apartment Selection Committee - Grebel residents/associates not applying to the apartments for the following year can let their name stand to be on the Apartment Selection Committee. Two students will be selected by Student Council to join this committee. Information is circulated in a timely fashion regarding this role.

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) Rep - talk to the Director of Student Services if you are interested.

Mennonite Economic Development Associates (MEDA) team leader - talk to the Director of Student Services if you are interested.