Grebel Don Reference Form

A Grebel Don is someone who identifies with Grebel and who wants to be centrally involved with its life. They should be people who adhere to the guidelines for community living found in the Grebel Community Handbook and who are exemplary role models. Dons serve as peer mentors and advisors to individuals and groups, they assist in the administrative operation of Grebel during non-business hours, and they help to stimulate and create a residence ethos that is conducive to healthy living, fun engagement, and academic success.

Please review the job description before proceeding with the reference letter. Next, answer the following questions honestly and carefully. Keep your responses to 4 – 6 sentences per question.

Your confidential reference will inform our decision making. If you have questions, contact Grebel Student Services. Thank you for your assistance in helping us select the ideal people for this very important community role.

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