The undergraduate course offerings in Sociology at Conrad Grebel University College are part of the University of Waterloo's Sociology Department. At Grebel, the work of students in the sociology classroom is twofold: first, it is to learn and understand the traditions of thought which have arisen from humanity’s efforts to live together well.  Second, it is to contribute to that well-being of society because of such learning and understanding.


The following University of Waterloo Sociology courses (SOC) are offered at Conrad Grebel University College:

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SOC 100-level courses

Course ID Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
SOC 101

Introduction to Sociology                              

Winter 2022

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SOC 200-level courses

Course ID

Course name Recent Syllabus (PDF)
SOC 275

The Mennonites as a Sociological Community

 Fall 2020

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