ABIDE Committee

Grebel aspires to be a community where everyone can reach their full potential in their work and study, and find belonging, acceptance and respect as unique individuals. Becoming that community means that we need to welcome and embrace changes in how we live and work together.

The 2022-25 Strategic Plan includes several goals for promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, anti-racism, and right relations with Indigenous peoples. (Following the University of Waterloo, we will refer to these agenda collectively as "EDI-R"). These goals are listed as a schedule to this document.

Advancing this agenda is a collective responsibility, and it is expected that every College department will work towards these goals in their particular ways. This Working Group is proposed to provide coordination and accountability for this department-level work, and to enable the sharing of knowledge and experience across the College.


  • Advise the President and Administrative Executive in reviewing, updating and drafting key policies and statements with respect to EDI-R at Grebel. It is suggested that reviewing and advising on a College-wide EDI-R statement (yet to be drafted) is the first task.
  • Take stock of actions already taken and currently underway at Grebel to promote EDI-R, having regard to the goals and objectives identified in the Strategic Plan.
  • Learn and share about emerging best practices and resources at University of Waterloo, the AFIW, and in Anabaptist-Mennonite institutions with respect to EDI-R.
  • Propose new ways to promote EDI-R at Grebel.
A group of nine people stand and sit in this group photo. These are members of the ABIDE committee.

The Working Group, its membership and mandate will be reviewed after two years (by December, 2024).

The Working Group will determine its own process, including how and when it will communicate its learnings and recommendations.

Committee Members

Thao, a Grebel student, smiles in their portrait, with a colourful art piece in the background. They hold a crochet blanket.

Thao My Vu

EDI-R Officer