Financial Aid at Grebel

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The awards, scholarships and bursaries listed here have been made available through endowments and the generosity of various friends of Grebel. Students formally involved in the college's residence, associate and/or academic programs may apply for these awards, scholarships and bursaries.

What's the Difference?


A general designation applied to any scholarship, prize, medal, fellowship or grant of money assigned to a student.


A monetary award, based primarily on outstanding overall academic performance or excellence in a specific subject or group of subjects.


A monetary grant based primarily on financial need.

Grebel Awards

Grebel's awards are categorized based on various programs and departments. See below for information about the awards available for each department. Note: Eligibility for awards vary. 

University of Waterloo Awards

Students of Conrad Grebel University College are also eligible for all scholarships, bursaries, prizes and financial aid programs that are offered by the University of Waterloo.