Fall 2021 residence spaces still available! Keep reading below! 

What do you need to know in light of COVID-19? Check out our COVID information page.

Grebel residence applications are currently being accepted for 2021/2022! There is no set due date (applications will continue to be accepted until the residence is full). Residence offers are currently being issued and remaining space is limited. If you are thinking of applying, we encourage you to do so quickly.

Apply today!

Here's what to do:

  • Fill out the Grebel residence online application.
  • You can apply to Grebel's residence before you have an academic offer from UWaterloo
  • Don't apply concurrently to Grebel and UWaterloo residences...once you are on UWaterloo's list... it complicates your Grebel residence application. There is no risk of losing a spot at UWaterloo residences as Grebel makes housing decisions prior to the UWaterloo deadline.
  • Part of our application process is participation in a group interview. These are fun and informative! Check out what Ananya says about the interview in a 1-minute video.
  • We'll be in touch after we've received your application to talk about  next steps.

Any questions regarding your residence application can be directed to Rebekah DeJong (Student Life and Recruitment Coordinator)