60 stories of interesting and influential Grebelites

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The Grebel community is preparing to celebrate the 60th anniversary of the College in 2023-2024. When asked, "What is the best thing about Grebel?" the usual answer is, “The people!” So let’s celebrate our people!

We are asking alumni to nominate or suggest names of other alumni and former students from Grebel who are making an impact in the world, are demonstrating leadership in some way, or are doing cool things. 

Who were the interesting characters of your era? Who do you still remember and why? These may be classmates who were informal leaders, those who gathered friends for a road trip, or perhaps those who performed at coffee houses or talent shows. Who do you recall as being a powerful influence? Perhaps a friend who helped you think about life differently. Maybe a don who took extra time with you and supported you in a time of need.

We're sure that we'll find at least 60 alumni connected to Grebel who can help tell the story of the College’s first 60 years.


  • Alumni who illustrate a connection to Grebel’s core values of inspired teaching, scholarly excellence, community building, leadership development, faith formation, creativity, generosity, global engagement, compassionate service, active peacemaking, responsible citizenship, and stewardship of creation. 
  • Nominees that others will also find interesting or influential.
  • Alumni who have made a pivotal contribution to Grebel's direction or history.

The result will be a website and/or book that is a compilation these stories. We’ll do our best to collate these and represent a variety of facets of Grebel’s programs.

Please take some time to nominate someone today! The results will be fascinating!

Nominee's Information
Please provide a brief description of this alum's achievements. Why is this person interesting or influential? How do they connect with Grebel's values? Or give us an example.
Nominator's Information
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