A stroll down memory lane...

Grebelites from the 80's era reunited with fellow alumni during this alumni weekend event. This hybrid event happened in person, with a livestream of the program for virtual attendees.

Alumni Interviews:  Ken Reid '88 has reached out to several 80s era alumni and recorded these interviews.  These conversations will be sure to bring back memories. 

Organizers included: Steve Martin ‘88, Cindy Lebold ‘87, Ted Harms ‘94, Ken Reid ‘88, Sue Campbell ‘86, Clara Fraschetti ‘90, and Fred Martin ‘87.

Who showed up: Scott Beech, John Beisel, Mary Bender, Mary Borsato, Durrell Bowman, Dale Brubacher-Cressman, Mary Brubaker-Zehr, Scott Brubaker-Zehr, Barbara Burkholder, Greg Cressman, Ann Elliott, Michel Enns, Cate Falconer, Gavin Fernandez, Dennis Flaming, John Goerzen-Sheard, Mary Goerzen-Sheard, Ken Grove, Dolores Harms Penner, Chris Hiller, Sharon Horst, Dorothy Issac, Jim Jordan, Shelly Jordan, Ernest Kalwa, Brent Klassen, Trish Mariott, Angela Mercier, Jane Ramseyer Miller, Linda Montgomery, John Neufeld, Lori Neufeld, Rob Neufeld, Dave Neufeldt, Steffen Pauls, Judy Penner, Paul Penner, Wendy Priebe, Brian Rudy, Tim Rudy, Krista Steinmann, Val Steinmann, Ken Stevens, Geoff Suderman-Gladwell, Teresa Troester, Jacqueline Walker, Louise Wideman, Annie Wohlgemut, Savio Wong.

Online: Melodie Flook, Ron Mathies, Gudrun Mathies, Julie Russell, Moira Somers

Also joining us: Conrad and Chris Brunk, Duane and Gloria Eby, Eileen Lebold, Lorna Sawatsky, Arnold Snyder

$25 Registration

This party began at 4 pm and was treated to Grebel hors d’oeuvres. A cash bar was available. RSVP by May 26th!

Hosting this year's reunion program were Elaine Ranney (BA '86) and Ted Harms (BA '94).

Elaine Ranney moved to Grebel in 1983 soon taking on leadership roles such as Women's Don and Student Council President. After 34 years in education, she retired from her role as Superintendent of Education with the Waterloo Region District School Board. Elaine is currently enjoying her new position as Principal at Rockway Mennonite Collegiate.

Ted Harms came to Grebel in 1986 and was involved in making music and mayhem. Inertia took over and he stayed in Waterloo, where he currently works at the UW Library and still dabbles in music and mayhem.

The program included a slide show, greetings from president Marcus Shantz, and a reunion of Bil Weber and the Glum Bunch (Steve Martin, Durrell Bowman, Brent Klassen). 

Vern Gingrich directs a band of students

Senior Resident Vern Gingrich directs a 'band' of students in the lower lounge.

Old Poster for the band Bil Weber and the Glum bunch

An original poster for Bil Weber and the Glum Bunch - they haven't changed (much).


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