Once the placement has been arranged, students should complete the following in order to adequately prepare for the placement:

  1. Attend the PACS Internship Study Orientation Session. This will be scheduled by the Internship Study Coordinator once all proposals have been approved.
  2. Submit all required forms in consultation with your advisor. This is generally done as part of the PACS Orientation Session:

Note: Students participating in an international placement must complete additional forms, which are listed on the Internship Checklist for Students Traveling Outside of Canada (PDF).

  1. For students travelling outside of Canada, attend an online mandatory Pre-Departure Briefing. The session provides a helpful pre-departure checklist, as well as travel booklets, an emergency contact card, health information, and other documents. Your Internship Coordinator will enrol you in this online module once your forms have been accepted.
  2. Review the field study orientation guide for domestic or international placements. This will be provided by your Internship study advisor upon approval of your proposal.
  3. Conduct your own research into the history, politics, and economics of the host country, as well as cross-cultural communication. The Internship bibliography offers a list of many books and resources on topics such as culture and internships.
  4. Prepare for culture shock. Culture shock can occur in an international or domestic placement as culture can vary even within an organization. Preparing for culture shock is important for making the most of your placement.