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All UWaterloo students are able to take most music courses. Check pre-requisits for performance and upper-year courses.


Academic plans

See the music plans offered. 

  • Three-Year General Music
  • Four-Year General Music
  • Honours Music (includes Double Major* or Joint Honours*)
  • Specializations in Music (only open to music majors - Honours, Four-Year, Three-Year)
    • Church Music and Worship
    • Music in Global Context
    • Music and Peace
    • Intensive Music
  • Music minor
*Almost any two Majors in the Arts programs can be combined as a double major. Also, many Honours Arts programs can be combined with honours majors offered in other faculties, as a Joint Honours degree.

See the Church Music and Worship plans offered.

  • Minor
  • Diploma

 For more details, visit the Church Music and Worship webpage.


Co-op is available to music students through Honours Arts and Business or through a second arts major with Co-op, or with second Honours Program that offers co-op.

EDGE Certificate Program

EDGE, the University of Waterloo's new experiential education certificate program. This is an opt-in experiential education certificate program for undergraduate students in traditional (non-co-op) programs of study. Students who complete EDGE will develop their professional skills, explore their career options and learn how to market themselves to employers.

Music Minor or Electives

Music courses can be added to your schedule as allowed for non music majors. 

    Degree requirements

    All students in a Music plan must satisfy the University of Waterloo's Faculty of Arts requirements, including breadth requirements, and achieve the appropriate academic standards. If students are in another major program in addition to Music, they must fulfil all the requirements for the major in that department as well as those for Music.


    First year Arts students advisors are listed here.

    For more Music or Church Music and Worship plan information or for academic advising, contact Maisie Sum, Music Undergraduate Officer.
    Music Student Handbook 2020-2021

    Courses | Academic plans | Degree requirements | Advising