Financial Aid

There are program-specific and general awards that students can apply for, provided by Conrad Grebel or the University of Waterloo. 

Financial Aid from Conrad Grebel

Music related

  • Entrance Scholarships for university applicants (first year and transfer students) - Rudolf & Hewig Remple Music Award, and Jean Caya Music Award (may also consider internal transfers to Music Major)   --  APPLICATION is considered at the same time of your early audition.
  • Travel Awards - Music and Culture Award, and The Helen ('Liz') Lane Music & Culture Award
  • Church Music and Worship - Ford-Harrison Church Music Award
  • Choral Music Conducting (usually done through Chapel Choir) - Agnes Giesbrecht Choral Music Scholarship*
  • Choristers - Helen Martins Choral Music Award*
  • String Players - John and Erma Stutzman String Scholarship Award*
  • MCEC connection - Abner Martin Music Scholarship
  • Academic excellence - Clemens Scholarships in Music (no application; awarded purely on grades)
  • Need-based - Evanov Radio Group Music Award
  • Volunteerism - Judy Dyck Music Volunteerism Award

*Applications accepted every Fall and Winter terms (due by ~20th day of first month of the term)


  • General bursaries
    • financial needs-based, or
    • International relations - Gingrich Memorial Fund
      • integrating Christian faith and the fine arts, to students preparing for church-related vocations or for bridge-building programs in international, interdenominational and/or socioeconomic fields.
  • Grebel residence first year awards
  • Upper year Grebel residents, apartment dwellers, and associates awards

Financial Aid from UWaterloo

Awards are available for undergraduate students and within also within the faculty of arts. The Faculty of Arts awards scholarships of varying amounts to outstanding full- and part-time students on the basis of overall average. These scholarships are supported through donations from faculty, staff, and retirees to the Senate Scholarship Fund. Several scholarships of varying amounts are given to students selected automatically by Faculty/Department. See the UWaterloo awards database.

As students of UWaterloo, students of Conrad Grebel University College are also eligible for all scholarships, bursaries, prizes and financial aid programs that are offered by the University of Waterloo. For more information, prospective and current students are advised to consult Waterloo's  Student Awards and Financial Aid.

It is possible to apply for more than one from each of above categories.