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An African musical instrumentThe following music courses are offered by Waterloo's Department of Music at Conrad Grebel University College.  Most are open to Majors and Non-Majors.

For Course Descriptions & Requisites - Undergraduate Studies Academic Calendar

For course offerings by term and for meeting days/times - Schedule of Classes

Note: With the new Arts Majors Reset starting Sept 2016, new Music courses have been added, along with new Specializations which are add ons to the new Honours requirementsSee list of New courses effective Sept 2016 (PDF) which also includes course descriptions. Questions? Contact Music Advisor Mark Vuorinen.

Course ID Course Name Course

(not official)

MUSIC 100 Understanding Music

Music 100 - S16 (PDF)

Every term

Music 110


Music in Cultural Contexts

Antireq: MUSIC 100
(Intended for those in or wanting a Music Plan or with sufficient background)

  Every Fall and Winter (starting F16) at the same time as Music 100.
Fundamentals of Music Theory

Music 111 - F15 (PDF)

Every Fall
MUSIC 116 Ensemble (first time taken) See Music Ensemble Courses below Every term
MUSIC 117 Ensemble (second time taken) See Music Ensemble Courses below Every term
MUSIC 140 Popular Music and Culture

Music 140 - S16 (PDF)

Every Fall and Spring
MUSIC 216 Ensemble (third time taken) See Music Ensemble Courses below Every term
MUSIC 217 Ensemble (fourth time taken) See Music Ensemble Courses below Every term
MUSIC 222 Conducting 1

Music 222 - F15 (PDF)

Every Fall
MUSIC 226 Music Studio (first time taken) See Music Studio Courses below Every term
MUSIC 227 Music Studio (second time taken) See Music Studio Courses below Every term


Music Cognition

(was Psychology of Music)

Music 231 - F13 (PDF)

Fall 2016
(Normally Every 2 years)

Music 232


Music as a Global Phenomenon

Antireq: MUSIC 245
(if 245 was taken and you switched to new plan, it is counted as 232)


Fall 2016
(Normally every Fall)

Music 233


Musical Rhythm in Global Perspective


Winter 2017

(Normally every Winter)

MUSIC 240 Introduction to Jazz

Music 240 - W15 (PDF)

Every Winter

World Music

(replaced by Music 232)

Music 245 - F15 (PDF)

Inactivated as of Fall 2016
MUSIC 246 Soundtracks: Music in Film

Music 246 - W15 (PDF)

Every Winter
MUSIC 253* Cathedral to Court: Music to 1600

Music 253 - W15 (PDF)

Fall 2016
(Not offered 2015-16)*

MUSIC 254* Monteverdi to Mozart: 1600-1800

Music 254 - F15 (PDF)

Music 254 schedule - F 15 (PDF)

Fall 2017
(Not offered 2016-17)*

MUSIC 255*

The Romantic Century: Beethoven & Beyond

Music 255 - W13 (PDF)

Winter 2017
(Not offered in 2014-15)*

MUSIC 256* Music Since 1900

Music 256 - F15 (PDF)

Music 256 schedule - F15 (PDF)

Fall 2016
(Not offered 2017-18)*

MUSIC 260 The Symphony

Music 260 - W14 (PDF)

Winter 2019
(On a three-year rotation with 261 & 262)

MUSIC 261 Opera

Music 261 - F14 (PDF)

Winter 2020
(On a three-year rotation with 260 & 262)



Music for Vocal Ensemble

Antireq: MUSIC 290 "Choral Music" taken W15

Music 290 - W15 (PDF)

2017-18 year
(On a three-year rotation with 260 & 261)

Music Theory 1

Music 270 - S16 (PDF)

Every term
Music Theory 2
Music 271 - W15 (PDF) Every Winter
Music and Technology

Music 275 - F15 (PDF)

Music 275 schedule -F15 (PDF)

Every Fall

Special Topics:


(As announced, with rotating topics)

MUSIC 316 Ensemble (fifth time taken) See Music Ensemble Courses below Every term
MUSIC 317 Ensemble (sixth time taken) See Music Ensemble Courses below Every term
MUSIC 322 Conducting 2 Music 322 - W15 (PDF) Every Winter (except not offered Winter 2017)
MUSIC 326 Music Studio (third time taken) See Music Studio Courses below Every term
MUSIC 327 Music Studio (fourth time taken) See Music Studio Courses below Every term
MUSIC 332 Aesthetics of Music Music 332 - W13 (PDF)

 Winter 2017



Music and Landscape

Antireq: Music 390 taken Winter 2011 or 2014
Prereq: Level at least 2A



(2017-18 year)

MUSIC 334 Women, Music and Gender

Music 334/WS 334 - F15 (PDF)




Perspectives in Music and Peace

Antireq: Music 391 and PACS 301 "Music, Peace and Conflict" taken W15

Prereq: Level at least 2A
Cross-listed as: PACS 335


Winter 2017


Music and Culture Travel Course (rotates locations)

Spring 2016 - London & Leipzig (Prof. Ken Hull)

See Music and Travel Courses below

TBA-Spring term

(can register in Winter or Spring term)

MUSIC 361 Art Song MUSIC 361 - Winter 2011 (PDF) Winter 2017
(Every 3 years, Winter term)
MUSIC 362 Piano Literature Music 362 - W15 (PDF) Winter 2018
(Every 3 years, Winter term)

The Christian Hymn

(was Christian Hymnody)

Music 363/ CMW363/ RS 357 - F15 (PDF)

Fall 2017
(Every 2 years, Fall term)

Worship and its Music

(was Worship and Music)

Music 364 - F14 (PDF)

Fall 2016
(Every 2 years, Fall term)

MUSIC 370 Music Theory 3 (19th Century)

Music 370 - F15 (PDF)

Every Fall
MUSIC 371 Music Theory 4 (20th Century)

Music 371 - W15 (PDF)

Every Winter
MUSIC 376 Composition Seminar

Music 376 - F15 (PDF)

Fall 2017
(Every 2 years, usually Fall term)
MUSIC 380 Directed Study in Music (first time taken)   By arrangement
MUSIC 381 Directed Study in Music (second time taken)   By arrangement

MUSIC 390/391

Note: 391 inactivated as of Fall 2016

Special Topics in Music

(repeatable up to 3 times, subject to different content)

Winter 2016: Music 390-01/391-01/PACS 301-02- Music & Peace, Music & War Prof. Mark Vuorinen

Winter 2016:
Music 390-02/391-02- Bali, Community, and New Music Creations Dewa Suparta, artist-in-residence

Winter 2015: Music 391/PACS 301 - Music, Peace &Conflict  Prof. Maisie Sum & Prof. Reina Neufeldt

Fall 2014: Music 390/391 - Music & Ritual Prof. Maisie Sum

Section 01 - Topic Description W16 (PDF)

Section 02 - Topic Description W16 (PDF)


(Normally every Winter, with different topics offered)



Special Topics in Global Music

(repeatable up to 2 times, subject to different content)

Winter 2017: Topic TBA


Winter 2017

MUSIC 426 Music Studio
(fifth time taken)
See Music Studio Courses below Every term


Music Studio
(sixth time taken)
See Music Studio Courses below Every term
Music Studio
(sixth time taken, but with graduation recital)
See Music Studio Courses below Every term
MUSIC 491 Senior Honours Seminar Music 491 - F13 (PDF) By arrangement
(Every 2 years)
MUSIC 492 Senior Honours Thesis  

By arrangement

Updated: May 26/15

*Note: Music History Courses--three of the four are offered every year:
Music 253: Cathedral and Court: Music to 1600
Music 254: Monteverdi to Mozart: Music from 1600-1800
Music 255: The Romantic Century: Beethoven and Beyond
Music 256: Music Since 1900

Music ensemble courses

The University of Waterloo's Music department invites all students, faculty, staff, and community members to join any of the seven musical ensembles that it sponsors and organizes. Waterloo students can participate in ensembles for credit or as an extracurricular activity. The Music department offers the following six ensembles: University Choir, Chapel Choir, University of Waterloo Chamber Choir, Vocal Techniques, Instrumental Chamber Ensembles, Jazz Ensemble, and the World Music: Balinese Gamelan Ensemble. The sequence for enrolling in any music ensemble courses for credit, regardless of the particular ensemble, is as follows for all students:

  1. MUSIC 116 (first time taken)
  2. MUSIC 117 (second time taken)
  3. MUSIC 216 (third time taken)
  4. MUSIC 217 (fourth time taken)
  5. MUSIC 316 (fifth time taken)
  6. MUSIC 317 (sixth time taken)

For students enrolled in the ensemble for credit, they will be evaluated by the ensemble director on a pass/fail basis. Regular attendance at rehearsals is required and attendance at dress rehearsals and performances is mandatory. For musical reasons, admission to any particular ensemble is at the discretion of the director. See ensembles for more information on audition requirements, audition dates, and other ensemble-specific information.

Note: The Faculty of Arts Academic Regulations on Unit Weights states that only the first four 0.25 credit courses that have been successfully completed will count towards the "total passed units" and towards the degree requirements. However, some Music Plans require more than four ensemble credits (each 0.25 units) to be successfully completed, even though that means some will not count towards the degree requirements.

Music Studio courses

Music Studio refers to individual instruction on an instrument or voice.  Individualized instruction is offered in the following (but not limited to) applied music areas:

  • Voice
  • Piano
  • Organ
  • Classical guitar
  • Percussion
  • Flute
  • Oboe
  • Clarinet (including Bass Clarinet)
  • Saxophone

The sequence for enrolling in Music Studio courses, regardless of the particular instrument (or voice), is as follows for all students:

  1. MUSIC 226 (first time taken)
  2. MUSIC 227 (second time taken)
  3. MUSIC 326 (third time taken)
  4. MUSIC 327 (fourth time taken)
  5. MUSIC 426 (fifth time taken)
  6. MUSIC 427 (sixth time taken) or MUSIC 428 (sixth time taken, with graduation recital)

In order to enroll in Music Studio, students must be at a level equivalent to Royal Conservatory Grade 8 and have successfully auditioned with the Music faculty. See Music Studio for audition and other information. An additional studio fee per term will apply. Participation in at least one ensemble during studio term is required. 

Music travel course - MUSIC 355


MUSIC 355 is a spring term seminar, approximately three weeks long in the month of May, that is taught on location. The seminar includes lectures, attendance at musical performances, and tours of places of cultural importance. Past and possible future locations include Vienna, London, New York, and South Africa. 

Prerequisite: MUSIC 100 or consent of instructor.  



The cost of this trip varies, depending on the location and other factors.  The cost usually includes tuition, airfare, housing, transportation, admission to events, and breakfast. A Music and Culture Award is available for students enrolled in this course, who have demonstrated involvement in the music department. The Chair of the Music department will announce when letters of interest are being accepted for this award.

More infor​mation

For more information on Music travel courses, contact the respective faculty member below:

Arts Course Enrollment link