The Music and Culture Award

Travel is a powerful educator. Wilbur Maust, who was a member of the Conrad Grebel University College Music faculty from 1977 to 1996, understood this. During his tenure he led music and culture tours to Vienna, Austria and donated funds to assist students in participating. He still led tours to Vienna in his retirement.

Building on this initiative, current Music Faculty members, Ken Hull and Maisie Sum have initiated travel courses to London, England and Durban, South Africa, with future plans for travel courses in Indonesia and Bali.

Travel can be costly for students and the “Music and Culture Travel Award” has been established to make this opportunity more accessible. 

About the Award

This award supports music students who want to participate in a University of Waterloo "Music and Culture" travel course (MUSIC 355). Recipients will be nominated by the Department of Music from among students who are enrolled in MUSIC 355 who have submitted letters of interest. Recipients must be involved in the Music program. Financial need will be given priority.

Size of Award

Number and amount of award varies.