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Are you running virtual worship services and in need of music? The Grebel Chapel Choir has a selection of recordings open for your use to help you add music to your online services.

Listen and Download Instructions 

  • To preview a song, click the link and press the play button in the new window that opens.
  • To download a song, right click the link, or the player and select "save as". This will open a window to save the file to your computer. 

View the available music for churches list →

Compatible browsers: Firefox, and Google Chrome

Credit Line

These songs are copyright free, but we do request credit be displayed for the singers who perform this piece. Please include the song name, composer, and "performed by Conrad Grebel University College Chapel Choir under the direction of Leonard Enns"  in your program, or on screen during the music. 


If you require images for your services, we have created a list of images for you to download and use during musical segments. 

Browse images for Church use → 

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