Auditions for current students

Auditions (or in some cases, Interviews) are required for the following:

  • MUSIC 226*: Music Studio (private instruction in an instrument or voice) - first Studio course. These take place with right at the beginning of each term.
  • declare Music as a Major, and have not taken or auditioned for MUSIC 226 yet.  These are normally scheduled with the current student auditions, or as needed, by contacting the Music Department.
  • MUSIC 116, 117, 216, 217, 316, 317, 416, 417: Music ensembles (this includes any of the eight ensembles we offer).  Can be taken either for 0.25 credit or as extra curricular.  (Some have auditions and some have interviews).  Ensemble auditions take place at the beginning of each term in the first week of classes.

* This course is available to non-majors also. Note: Music studio requires an ensemble co-requisite course (0.25 units) to be taken either during the same term as studio, or in a previous term. The ensemble course can normally be added on top of a regular course load.

Available Dates

Contact the Department of Music to schedule.

Term wishing to take Music 226: Studio

Audition date(s)* Contact Music Office by
Fall 2023

Tuesday, Sept 5 and
Wednesday, Sept 6 (first day of classes)

Beginning of September
Winter 2024

Fri Jan 5 and Monday Jan 8 (first day of classes)

Beginning of January
Spring 2024

Monday, May 6 (first day of classes) and
Tuesday, May 7 if necessary

Beginning of May

*Late auditions may be granted upon request, but are at the discretion of the department.

Audition Requirements

Performance standards

Acceptance into Music Studio is by audition. The minimum acceptable level of performance is approximately equivalent to Royal Conservatory of Music Grade 8 or The Associated Board of Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM) Grade 7; the audition process will assess ability to sight-read, musicality, preparedness, and potential for further study. 

Audition requirements

All auditioning should prepare two contrasting pieces (or movements of longer works) by different classical composers (voice may swap one for a different genre) to perform at the audition. Each piece will last 3-5 minutes. Voice and piano students are encouraged to perform their selected works from memory, but not mandatory. At least one of the pieces must be with piano accompaniment (except piano, guitar and percussion).  The audition will include sight-reading (approx. grade 6 RCM) and a brief interview by two faculty members.  Auditions are typically 15 minutes in length. No theory test is required to be written. No keyboard skills are tested.

Piano accompaniment

A professional piano accompanist will be available at your audition (at no cost). 

Audition materials required

Bring to your audition:

  1. The completed Prospective Music Student Information Form. PDF fillable | (PDF)
  2. A separate copy (can be a photocopy) of the full score for both pieces.
  3. A copy of the accompaniment score(s).

Audition procedure

Plan to arrive at least one half hour prior to your scheduled audition time.  Upon arrival, first go to the Music Office (Room 1104 at Conrad Grebel University College) where the Music Department Administrative Assistant can verify that you have the necessary paperwork.  You will then be directed to a practice room in order to warm-up.  Plan to arrive at your actual audition room 10 minutes early.  Bring the required audition materials (the Prospective Music Student Information form and copies of your music) and your personal belongings with you to the audition. 

Audition Results

Notification will be sent by e-mail within a day indicating audition results.

If successful, instructions on the next steps new Music Studio students must take to complete their studio enrolment will be included.

If you are not successful, you will be notified if you are able to re-audition at a later date.