Auditions for Current students

Auditions (or in some cases, Interviews) are required for the following:

  • MUSIC 226: Music Studio (private instruction in an instrument or voice) - first Studio course. These take place with current student auditions right at the beginning of each term.
  • MUSIC 116, 117, 216, 217, 316, 317, 416, 417: Music ensembles (this includes any of the eight ensembles we offer).  Can be taken either for 0.25 credit or as extra curricular.  (Some have auditions and some have interviews).  Ensemble auditions take place at the beginning of each term in the first week of classes.
  • declare Music as a Major, and have not taken or auditioned for MUSIC 226 yet.  These are normally scheduled with the current student auditions, or as needed, by contacting the Music Department.

While following UW health & safety guidelines, Studio courses and ensembles will continue to be offered in person only. All auditions will also take place on campus.