Empowering Evening: Interactive Screening of 'Carrie' Highlights Menstrual Equity Project at UWaterloo

Thursday, February 8, 2024

Empowering Evening: Interactive Screening of 'Carrie' Highlights Menstrual Equity Project at UWaterloo

On January 18, the Princess Twin Cinema became the stage for an interactive screening of Stephen King’s 'Carrie,' marking a unique approach to sparking conversations around menstruation and challenging societal taboos. The event was hosted by the Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion and Anti Racism, the Women’s Centre and Changing the Flow, and was a captivating intersection of horror cinema and societal discourse.

"Carrie," is a classic horror film that employs powerful narrative devices to confront period shame. Through public mockery and the association of menstruation with shame, the film serves as a reminder of the societal attitudes held towards menstruation..

Hosted by Changing the Flow, the event had attendees actively engaged with the film by using props and raising their voices against the stigma associated with menstruation. The event aimed to amplify the dialogue surrounding period shame, utilizing the story of 'Carrie' to shed light on the broader issue of how menstruation is portrayed in media.

The event offered a fun opportunity to engage with an important issue, and successfully brought together campus community members to challenge societal norms as we continue to focus on fostering a campus environment that embraces menstrual equity.

The Menstrual Equity pilot project at UWaterloo was developed in response to the sustained advocacy by the Women’s Centre and others, remains a collaborative effort between the EDIR-O and Plant Operations. This design takes a multifaceted approach to enhance accessibility to resources and support for managing periods with dignity.

As the interactive screening of 'Carrie' concludes, the Menstrual Equity Project at UWaterloo is not slowing down. This initiative will continue to make strides in reshaping perceptions and advocating for a future where menstruation is met with understanding and acceptance.