A student shaking hands with an employer

Embarking on a journey of co-op and experiential learning at the School of Accounting and Finance is more than just a checkbox on your academic to-do list – it's a dynamic experience designed to propel you into the professional realm with confidence! Our comprehensive support system is here for you, guiding you seamlessly through the co-op process and providing invaluable assistance as you venture into the job application landscape.

From resume crafting to interview tips, we've got your back. Our dedicated team is here to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to navigate co-op opportunities successfully. We don't just want you to find a job; we want you to secure a position that aligns with your aspirations and sets the stage for your future success.

Think of it as more than a service – think of it as a partnership. We're committed to fostering your growth, ensuring that your journey through co-op and job applications is not just a process but an exciting exploration of your potential. Let's work together to shape your professional narrative and open doors to exciting opportunities!

Default study/work sequence for AFM and SFM 


Fall Term

Winter Term

Spring Term

Year One Study  Study  Off
Year Two Study  Work Study  
Year Three Work Study  Study 
Year Four Work Study  Work
Year Five Study   Off Off

*AFM, Biotech/CPA, Math/CPA and SFM students complete 16 months of work experience while CFM students can complete up to 24 months of work experience.


The University of Waterloo WaterlooWorks website is our dedicated online job board system designed to assist Waterloo students in finding employment. You will use WaterlooWorks to:

  1. Apply for co-op jobs
  2. Submit required forms before, during, and after your co-op work terms
  3. Receive crucial information throughout the co-op process
  4. Manage and keep track of your co-op interview schedule