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Tuition at the University of Waterloo is billed on a term-by-term basis, with fees due before the term begins.

Key Terms:

  • Fall Term – September to December;
  • Winter Term – January to April;
  • Spring Term – May to August.

Approximately one month before lectures start each term, student fee bills are posted on your Quest account. Notifications are sent to your email address.

Your tuition fees are determined by your residency status or international immigration status, falling into three categories: Domestic Ontario, Domestic Out of Province, and International. For more details on residency, refer to The Centre website.

Co-op fees

  • Co-op fees are not specific to particular work terms and are not "placement" or "internship" fees. Instead, they cover the overall expenses of running the co-op program throughout certain academic terms.
  • Co-op and Work Report Marking Fees are charged to Co-op students based on their program's specific duration. If a student needs additional academic terms to fulfill degree requirements, any extra Co-op & Work Report Marking Fees are removed.
  • AFM and SFM co-op students are exempt from paying the Co-op Fee and Work Report Marking Fee in terms 1A & 1B. For the remaining terms (2A, 2B, 3A, 3B, 4A, 4B), AFM and SFM co-op students will pay the co-op fee six times.
  • To learn more about the costs associated with enrolling in a co-op program, check the Co-op fee FAQs.

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