Internal Transfers

Requirements for the AFM and SFM programs:

  • Students must meet the BAFM or BSFM high school requirements.

    • If you have not taken 4U Advanced Functions or Calculus or an equivalent, you will be asked to enroll in MATH 127 to be considered for transfer.
  • Students must have a minimum 75% cumulative overall average by the end of the Fall term.
  • Do I need to take some AFM courses to be eligible to transfer? No, your cumulative overall average can come from any course grades.
  • If your application is moving forward, you will receive an email in the Winter term with a link to complete the online SAF Admissions Assessment (SAFAA). There is a non-refundable fee to complete the SAFAA. 

    • Only students who have successfully applied by the February 1 deadline (see below) will be sent a link to the SAFAA.
  • For students interested in transferring to Sustainability & Financial Management (SFM), please contact Kelly Millar


  • How do I apply? To apply to transfer students should submit a Faculty Transfer Form to the SAF advisor by February 1, 2024. You cannot apply via OUAC, the Faculty transfer form functions as the application form. 

  • The above requirements do not guarantee admission to the BAFM or BSFM program and are minimum requirements only. The School of Accounting and Finance takes in a small number of transfer students each year and the process is highly competitive. 

Things to consider:

  • Can prior courses apply towards the BAFM or BSFM degree? The start date will be in the fall term at the 1A level, regardless of transfer credit.The 1A start is non-negotiable as AFM/SFM has required first-year courses. Students beyond 2A can still apply but it is not recommended as successful applicants start in 1A.

  • What if I am not eligible to transfer? If your request to transfer is declined, make sure you have a backup plan. Options include: 

Math/CPA, Biotech/CPA, CFM internal transfers:

  • For information regarding internal transfer to Biotech/CPA, please send an email to

  • If you are currently an undergraduate student at the University of Waterloo and wish to apply for admission into the Faculty of Mathematics, you will be applying for an internal transfer. Please review the admission requirements needed within the Faculty of Math. 

  • If you would like to be considered for an internal transfer to Computing and Financial Management, please review the admission requirements on the CFM website.