Faculty Transfer Form

PDF forms should be filled out, signed where applicable, and emailed to the applicable instructor/advisor for approval or submitted to the email indicated on the form.

Use this form when applying to transfer to another faculty.

Faculty Transfer Form (PDF)

Transfer notes

  • Submit this form the term before you wish the faculty transfer to take effect. Submitting as early as possible is recommended; be aware of faculty deadlines.
  • If you want to switch to a new degree offered by your current faculty (e.g., BCS to BMATH, or BAFM to BA), use the Plan Modification Form.
  • If you want to request a transfer to the Faculty of Mathematics, you need to contact the Math Internal Transfer Advisor at math.ug.ita@uwaterlooo.ca.
  • If you want to transfer to a Computer Science (CS) major, contact a CS advisor first.
  • If you want to add/declare a Geography and Aviation or Science and Aviation major, contact the appropriate advisor first.