President's upper-year awards

This award program consists of the President's International Experience Award and the President's Research Award and is restricted to current undergraduate students who:

  • received the President’s Scholarship of Distinction in Year One (awarded to students who were admitted with an admission average of 95% or greater)
  • completed Year One with a cumulative average of at least 80%


President's Upper-Year Award Program Contacts
Faculty or Office Name Location E-mail Ext.
Applied Health Sciences Julie-Anne Desrochers BMH 3106 35663
Arts Murielle Landry PAS 2439 35782
Engineering Julia Partington CPH 4301 32718
Environment Carol Knipe EV1 329 cknipe @
Mathematics Carolyn Sedore MC 6208 36894
Science Lori Labelle STC 2034


Student Awards & Financial Aid (for general questions)

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Co-operative Education (for confirmation of international co-op work experiences) Information Centre

TC 1203

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