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Paying for your education

Scholarships and bursaries

You'll automatically be considered for most scholarships at Waterloo, although some do require applications.

An entrance bursary, which you do not need to pay back, is based on financial need. The application deadline for Waterloo's entrance bursaries is April 15th each year with bursaries awarded in mid-May.

Once you're a Waterloo student, there are additional bursaries you can apply for.

Other sources of scholarships

Co-op and on-campus jobs

Waterloo's co-op program is not just an incredible way to try out career areas and gain hands-on experience, it's a great way to earn money. Our co-op students can earn $45,000 to $85,000 over the course of their work terms.

There are also hundreds of part-time jobs on campus, including jobs for full-time students who need help in covering their education-related costs.

Government loans and bursaries

  • The Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) provides loans and grants for Ontario residents. You can apply on the OSAP website.
    • We strongly encourage all Ontario students to apply for OSAP even if you don't think you'll be eligible. There are many factors that affect OSAP eligibility, such as your program of study and whether you're moving away for university. 
  • Visit Waterloo's Student Awards & Financial Aid website for details on how to apply for OSAP.
  • If you're not an Ontario resident, learn about Canadian and U.S. loan programs.

University of Waterloo support statement

At Waterloo, we're committed to helping you make sure that lack of money doesn't get in the way of your success. In accordance with Ontario's Student Access Guarantee, Waterloo ensures that Ontario students in need have access to the resources they require for their tuition, books, and mandatory fees.

Your commitment:

  • Students are required to seek financial support from all sources, including family, employment, loans, and government support programs.

For complete details, visit the Student Awards and Financial Aid website.

*Note: The University determines unmet provincial need by using OSAP allowable costs minus the student's expected resources. Where other provincial jurisdictions include institutional bursaries as a resource, the University is not in a position to provide further bursary assistance to replace/repay loan overpayments.

How to pay your fees