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Proof of Enrolment

Get your free proof of enrolment letter in Quest which will confirm your student enrolment status. The official letter includes your student ID number, enrolment status, enrolment history, program length and anticipated completion date. 

The proof of enrolment letter can be used for any enrolment status confirmation, Canada Pension Plan (CPP) forms, Registered Education Savings Plan (RESP) verification, immigration applications, and graduate school applications.  

Graduate students (in a master’s or PhD program): Funding information coded on your Quest account will be included. 

Graduating students with “Degree Awarded” status: This letter will indicate you have met your degree requirements and will include degree information, completion, and conferral dates. Undergraduate students can refer to the Eligible to Graduate letter if you require a letter before official academic standings are released. Graduate students can refer to the degree completion process for standard processing time.

Definition of Degree Awarded

Undergraduate students who have applied to graduate and have completed their final term, will see “Degree Awarded” at the top of their unofficial transcript after the date grades are officially released. Degree Awarded is not guaranteed to appear by this date as it could be delayed due to grade revisions, petitions, and other factors.

Graduate students will see “Degree Awarded” at the top of their unofficial transcript three to five business days after their department/ program co-ordinator approves them for graduation.

Graduated alumni students: This letter will indicate your awarded degrees, program information, and conferral date.

Modified Proof of Enrolment letter

Students can order a modified proof of enrolment letter to request details not included in the proof of enrolment letter in Quest. These letters are reserved for students with unique circumstances.

If you do not qualify for a modified letter, you will receive a Proof of Enrolment letter generated from Quest.

Eligible to Graduate letter

The cost for an Eligible to Graduate letter will increase from $10 to $25 starting June 3, 2024.

For Undergraduate students:

This letter is for Undergraduate students in their final term, who urgently need to confirm their eligibility to graduate before the “Degree Awarded” status has appeared in Quest. Reasons for these rare cases may include urgent employment, application to graduate school, or immigration deadlines.  Although this letter can be ordered before the "Degree awarded" status appears in Quest, the letter will only be issued after we obtain the necessary approvals from the department/faculty. For more information, refer to the Eligible to Graduate letter processing time below.

For Graduate students:

Eligible to Graduate letters are not available for Graduate students as the standard degree completion process takes 3-5 business days, after which time the "Degree Awarded" status will appear at the top of the transcript. Once you see "Degree Awarded" you can print your official letter from Quest (see instructions under Proof of Enrolment).

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