Who is my advisor?

Advisor (all years, all major plans, and minors)
Gwen Bisset
  • SDS Majors or Minors whose last names begin with A-G
Jennifer Andrews-Coffey
  • SDS Majors or Minors whose last names begin with H-O

Lyndsay Masters

  • SDS Majors or Minors whose last names begin with P-Z

If you wish to have an individual consultation with your advisor, you may do so through e-mail, face-to-face/virtual appointments, or phone meetings.

Please include your student ID number with all communications, including e-mail and voicemail.  This will help us review your file so we can better assist you.

As a student, your role in working with an advisor is to actively participate, use the Undergraduate Calendar to understand your academic requirements, and accept ultimate responsibility for your success at UW.

  • meet with your academic advisor at least once a term
  • if you have questions, concerns, or ideas about your studies, contact your academic advisor
  • if you’re not doing as well as expected, contact your academic advisor

If you have questions about course selection or your academic progress, contact your advisor. Other SDS related questions can be directed to sds@uwaterloo.ca.

What information should I provide my advisor?

Please provide the following in your email:

  • Name
  • I.D. Number
  • Academic Plan (e.g. 3-year general, 4-year general, Honours), including Specialization (if applicable)
  • Level (e.g. 2A, 3B)
  • Nature of Question

What other resources and supports are available to SDS students on and off campus?

Visit our Resources page for an extensive list.