Important people to know

Student and advisor speaking to each other.

Faculty Undergraduate Office

Position Name Office Phone ext.
Associate Dean Undergraduate Studies Brendon Larson EV2 2016 38140
Faculty Undergraduate Coordinator Carol Knipe EV1 336 36088
Faculty Undergraduate Exchange Coordinator Priti Nayak EV1 347 38480

Undergraduate advisor

An undergraduate advisor (also known as an academic advisor) assists students with questions about:

  • course selection
  • timetable requests
  • regulations, policies, and procedures
  • petitions
Program Advisor Office Phone ext.
Environment and Business Cheri Oestreich EV3 4209 32796
Environment, Resources and Sustainability Patti Bester EV2 2012 36576
Geography and Environmental Management  and Geomatics Miljana Kovacevic EV1 316 32403
Geography and Aviation, 2+2, and 1+2+1 Jesse Macleod EV1 311 32433
International Development Karen Robertson EV3 4207 38965
Knowledge Integration Patti Bester EV1 206 38153
Planning Tiffany Chen EV3 3209 35940

Associate Chair/Director Undergraduate Studies (also known as Undergraduate Academic Officer)

A faculty member who advises undergraduate students is appointed for each unit. Although the titles for these individuals may differ between units, the responsibility is the same:

  • program and plan requirements
  • course selection
  • academic difficulties
  • academic record
  • academic standing
Program Officer Office Phone ext.
Environment and Business Michael Wood EV3 4223 37559
Environment, Resources and Sustainability Maren Oelbermann EV2 2008 37552
Geography and Environmental Management and Geomatics Johanna Wandel EV1 326 33669
Geography and Aviation Ian McKenzie EV1 222 32931
International Development Michael Wood EV3 4223 37559
Knowledge Integration Vanessa Schweizer EV1 211 35106
Planning Jennifer Dean EV3 221 39107