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Verification of academic accommodation request form

Thank you for requesting an official letter summarizing your academic accommodations.

What will be provided: AccessAbility Services is able to provide a summary of your accommodations based on your eligibility available during your last term of study at the University of Waterloo. The letter will also include the term in which you registered with AccessAbility Services and confirmation that you have either a temporary or permanent disability. An official letter will be sent directly to the receiver indicated in the request form. If applicable, you may upload any required agency forms that need to be completed by AccessAbility Services on page 4.

Information regarding reduced course load eligibility: AccessAbility Services can verify that your disability/condition causes functional limitations in the academic environment, which inhibits your ability to perform fully. To mitigate these barriers, you have been provided with an academic accommodation plan, which includes eligibility for a reduced course load (unless doing so would cause undue hardship or interfere with essential requirements of a program). AccessAbility Services is not able to determine the impact of this accommodation on your other state of affairs, including academic records, enrolment status (e.g., full-time/part-time), and/or financial situation. This letter only verifies this accommodation in the academic environment and is not intended to be applied outside of the intended purpose.

Timeline: Up to 1 week. Letters are completed in the order in which they were received.

Note: You can submit multiple requests, but must complete one request (via this web form) before starting another request. 

Information and privacy: questions regarding the collection of information on this form can be directed to the form administrator.