Supervisor TA buyout form

About the TA supervisor buyout form

Please complete the form for the following purposes:

  • If you would like to buyout a TA unit for your student(s) in the upcoming term. Buyouts are not encouraged but we understand that they are necessary in certain circumstances.

  • If you anticipate a buyout but are still unsure (your student will be assigned to a position that can easily be replaced, if possible).

  • If you prefer your student(s) only be provided 1 TA unit (no double units).

If you are submitting on behalf of multiple students who have the same TA buyout option, you may submit the below spreadsheet completed with their information in the form below rather than completing this form for each student.

Please remind your students that in order to TA they need to be on-campus. If you have a student who is over TA eligibility, please encourage them to submit the TA preference form to inform the Graduate Office of their request to TA. There may still be an opportunity for them to be assigned a TA if there is a need. 

Thank you for your cooperation!

Buyouts for Fall 2024

Please submit this form by Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Any buyout requests that are made after the date specified by your Graduate Coordinator will require Graduate Director approval and may be denied if the request is not feasible.


If you have questions about buyouts or run into technical issues, contact the CS TA Assignment Team or Tarannom Haghighi in the CS Grad Office.

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