Office of Equity, Diversity, Inclusion & Anti-racism

Who are we?

As the Equity Office at the University of Waterloo, our job is to work with students, faculty and staff across campus to advance equity through evidence-based policies, practices and programs.

What we do:

  • Develop, implement and evaluate strategic initiatives to advance equity on campus.
  • Assist students, faculty and staff from underrepresented groups navigate solutions to equity-related barriers.
  • Review and enhance University policies, procedures, and practices to address systemic barriers to equity.
  • Provide guidance and advice on equity issues (including the duty to accommodate and other equity related legislative requirements).
  • Build campus awareness on equity-related matters.
  • Assist faculty and staff to embed equity in their jobs/programs/departments.
  • Coordinate and evaluate initiatives to meet UWaterloo’s Employment Equity goals.
  • Build relationships with stakeholders to collaborate on key equity initiatives.

How we support:

  • By grounding equity initiatives and our recommendations in current legislation, robust data and consultation with people with lived experience.
  • By using anti-oppressive, trauma informed approaches to support students, faculty and staff from equity seeking groups navigate UWaterloo structures and systems.
  • By building strong collaborations on campus to embed equity across the institution.
  • By engaging with equity seeking groups to amplify their perspectives and needs in key decision-making processes.
  • By committing to continuous learning and improvement of our services.

To figure out who to talk to for support or for more information on our services and supports - check out the Equity Office bios, or contact us at