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iClicker is a classroom interactive response system that allows students to participate in polls and answer questions during class. iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud are supported at the University of Waterloo. 

The main difference between iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud is that the polling results received via iClicker Classic are kept locally on your laptop or USB drive, whereas the polling results received via iClicker Cloud are accessed via cloud-based software that can be accessed with an Internet connection. Both iClicker Classic and iClicker Cloud can obtain student responses from either a student's personal device or an iClicker remote (as long as you have an iClicker base), depending on the settings you use. See the iClicker website for a comparison between the two tools.

Features and functionality

Unique features

  • Study tools for students
  • Attendance records for students
  • GPS attendance (Cloud)

Question types

  • Multiple choice (available for any student voting method)
  • Multi-select
  • Short answer
  • Numeric answers
  • Image-based questions (Cloud)

Availability of question type depends on student device. iClicker2 remotes may not be suitable for all due to limited buttons for selecting numbers/letters.

Grading/reporting options

  • Real-time summary of results
  • Comprehensive gradebook
  • Auto-run attendance (Cloud)

Accessibility features

Tool guide

Cost Students pay via Waterloo’s site licence. To order, contact the W Store or visit the W Store book/clicker adoption form.    

All prices in Canadian dollars and may fluctuate each term. 

Voting online is via the free iOS or Android iClicker apps or through a web browser. Student's pay for access to the iClicker platform.

While there is no cost to instructors to download and use iClicker Classic software, the program is typically limited to Waterloo classrooms equipped with iClicker receiver bases when students use iClicker remote devices.

Recommended class size Unlimited
LEARN integrations
  • iClicker imports LEARN roster
  • Instructors can export grades into a LEARN course gradebook
Known limitations N/A
Level of support Centrally licensed and managed
Privacy & Security

Privacy and Cookie Notice

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Feedback and polling category

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How your peers are using this tool

"The reason why I chose to use iClickers and why I kept coming back to them was because it got the students more actively involved in their learning, digging into the course material and thinking about what they were learning, in the classroom, while I was there and able to help them.

Designing problems to be used with iClickers also got me to think more about the threshold concepts in the course and where students often got stuck, which in turn helped me do a better job of teaching both the course material and techniques to solve problems."

- Mary Robinson, Faculty of Engineering

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