COVID-19 Wellness Information

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The uncertainty of COVID-19 and the disruptions it has caused to daily life might be causing feelings of anxiety and stress. While these feelings are normal to experience—they should not consume your life. Remember, there is no “normal” way to react to these changes! We want to make sure that you focus on maintaining and fostering mental wellness.

COVID Support Resources

Stronger Minds by Beacona free digital program for all Canadians to support your mental well-being through the COVID-19 crisis. Get guidance that is created to help with the specific emotional well-being concerns stirred by the pandemic, through easy-to-digest resources.

The Centre for Addiction and Mental HealthVarious resources related to your mental health amidst the COVID-19 pandemic; how to support loved ones, coping with stress and anxiety.

Mental Health First AidCOVID-19 Self-Care and Resilience Guide.

Psychology ToolsFree guide to living with anxiety and worry amidst global uncertainty (available in multiple languages).

Anxiety CanadaWhat to do if you are feeling anxious or worried about COVID-19.