Offered: Usually once per term

Course code: CTE6601

Description: The Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) is an intensive, collaborative learning model that uses videotaped micro-teaching and peer feedback sessions to support participants' teaching reflection and growth. The ISW encourages examination of teaching practices with feedback focused on the learning process rather than on the specific content of the lesson. At the same time, participants are able to work on discipline-specific teaching. Each participant will receive a certificate of achievement. The ISW requires 24 contact hours, over three or four days. 

After completing the Instructional Skills Workshop, participants might also be interested in undertaking the Facilitator Development Workshop (FDW). The FDW prepares participants to deliver the ISW to others -- for example, to departmental colleagues. The Facilitator Development Workshop is an intensive 40-hour workshop held over 5 days. The first four days are about eight hours, the last day usually about six hours. The FDW involves four or five faculty participating in three roles: instructor, learner, facilitator. Led by one or two Trainers from the Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) Network, the core of the FDW is another Instructional Skills Workshop (ISW) with the further skill of facilitation as the primary focus.


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