WatCV Course Integration: For Instructors

WatCV is designed to make it easy for instructors to help their students create an ePortfolio to support skills articulation.

Over the 2016-2017 academic year, 22 instructors and 23 teaching assistants in all six University of Waterloo faculties integrated, tested and helped refine WatCV assignments and in-class activities with almost 1700 students. They also tested and helped refine the custom-built WatCV interactive grading rubric, marking 4500 ePortfolio submissions.  

Instructors integrated WatCV in three ways: they modified their course outline to foreground the professional skills already embedded in their courses; tied professional skills articulation to three course assignments; marked and calculated student ePortfolios as part of the final grade.

The resource buttons on the right-hand side of this page provide instructor materials for WatCV integration, step by step.  The Quick Integration Guide provides an at-a-glance plan for term integration with links to individual WatCV files.  The Course Pack provides two zip files of instructor and student materials to use and modify (pre-term integration plan, lesson notes, slide decks, assignment templates, and marking guidelines). The WatCV Example Syllabi illustrate how different instructors have embedded WatCV into their course outline and assignments. And finally, the WatCV Example ePortfolios links to model student WatCV ePortfolios, to illustrate excellent student work.