Integrating a SLICC into a course/program provides your students with the opportunity to take part in a learning experience where they can co-create their own course that they will plan, propose, carry out, reflect on and evaluate. Throughout your SLICC you will develop a range of skills and attributes (academic, professional and/or personal) which will help you to engage effectively with your experience.

You will be encouraged to evaluate and critically reflect upon your approach, learning and development throughout your SLICC. This Resource Pack should be used alongside your workbook to help you complete your SLICC. Each section will take you through the elements of the SLICC. To get the most out of this pack please read each section (tabs running along the top) in sequential order.

SLICCs Presentations:

Wayne Chang (Engineering): Evaluating a new student-centric experiential learning approach for entrepreneurship education.

Poster Chang SLICCs

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Jennifer Yessis (Health): Students as Partners in the Learning Process -Integrating Elements of the Student-Led Individually Created Courses Model into the Master of Public Health Capstone Course.

Yessis Jennifer Teaching Learning

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 Narveen Jandu (Health) and Diane Williams (Health) :Adopting the SLICC Model to an Independent Study Credits for Health Students.

Jandu Williams SLICCs

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Mary Robinson (Engineering), Katherine Lithgow (Centre for Teaching Excellence), and Carolyn MacGregor (Engineering): SLICCs and the Importance of Reflecting in the Community.

SLICCs and the Importance  of Reflecting in Community.

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