Katherine LithgowKatherine Lithgow

Centre for Teaching Excellence (CTE)


Brendan Wylie-ToalBrendan Wylie-Toal

United College


Wayne ChangWayne Chang

Conrad School of Entreprenurship and Business




Micheal BoehringerMichael Boehringer

Arts- Germanic and Slavic Studies


Matt Borland Matt Borland

Systems Design Engineering


Tracy HilpertTracy Hilpert

School of Accounting and Finance


Narveen JanduNarveen Jandu

School of Public Health


Erin JobidonErin Jobidon

Student Success Office (SSO)


Luna KhirfanLuna Khirfan

Environment- School of Planning


Sandra Lopez RochaSandra- Lopez Rocha

Student Success Office (SSO)


Carolyn Macgregor Carolyn MacGregor

Systems Design Engineering


Mariam MuftiMariam Mufti

Arts- Political Science


Elena NeitermanElena Nieterman

School of Public Health


Steffanie ScottSteffanie Scott



Mary RobinsonMary Robinson



Diane Williams Diane Williams

School of Public Health


Pia ZeniPia Zeni

Centre for Extended Learning (CEL)



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  1. At the national and/or international levels (e.g., presenting at conferences beyond uWaterloo; impact on discipline)

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