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Our strategic plan

Mandatenavigational instrument

To act as a resource to the UW academic community to enhance instructional practices and deepen student learning; inform its practice through using and engaging in pedagogical research; and contribute expertise to the broader external discussion on post-secondary education. (Provided by: Mario Coniglio, AVP-A, October, 2014)


To inspire teaching excellence, innovation, and inquiry


We collaborate with individuals, academic departments, and academic support units to foster capacity and community around teaching and to promote an institutional culture that values effective teaching and meaningful learning.

To achieve our mission, we:

  • support exploration, integration, and evaluation of different approaches to teaching and learning

  • listen to, question, encourage, and celebrate Waterloo’s teachers

  • create dialogue around teaching and learning

  • anticipate and address evolving issues and opportunities within higher education

  • offer expertise locally, nationally, and internationally

Plans for the 2016-2017 Fiscal Year


Core Activities (CA):

  1. Provide cross-disciplinary, institution-wide events and programs

  2. Support instructional and curriculum development for individuals, departments, and faculties

  3. Foster leadership in teaching development

  4. Promote and conduct research on teaching, learning, and educational development

  5. Communicate best practices and promote the importance of teaching and learning at Waterloo

  6. Share expertise with colleagues on and off campus

  7. Engage in individual and centre-wide professional development and operational activities

Strategic Priorities:

  1. Promote the understanding, importance, and implementation of deep learning through various instructional methods, practices, educational technologies, and research projects
  2. Broaden assistance with learning outcome development for both departments (program level) and individual instructors (course level)
  3. Investigate and provide support regarding assessing learning outcomes
  4. Participate in the development and implementation of the institutional and Faculty strategic plans and task force recommendations
  5. Devise and implement a sustainable plan for assessing our own work
Revised August 2016

More about CTE

Staff profiles. Brief bios of our team members that highlight their areas of expertise.

Organizational structure. A chart showing our areas of support, and who works within them. 

Staff research and service. Year-by-year reports that highlight our impact and professional accomplishments.

Guest presentations. Experts in higher education whom we have hosted. 

Newsletter archive. A repository of quarterly newsletters going back to 1999. 

Campus location. A map showing where we are located.