IQC Impact

It is an exciting time in quantum as research, breadth of applications, commercial activity and general awareness are accelerating together. Researchers at the Institute for Quantum Computing (IQC) are discovering and building quantum technologies that will revolutionize some of the largest industrial sectors in the world: health and medicine, natural resources, environmental monitoring, cybersecurity, electronics and telecommunications. We are working with industry to develop new ways of solving some of the most challenging problems the world is grappling with today.

IQC members have connected quantum to important applications from communications security to new techniques in cancer treatment. IQC’s vibrant community brings together scientists, mathematicians and engineers to advance quantum opportunities. This was a year of research milestones at IQC with advances across quantum computing, communication, sensors and materials. Learn more about the work IQC is doing in

Research excellence

More than 300 vibrant researcher community including 6 Research Chairs, 32 faculty, 150+ graduate students, 55+ postdoctoral fellowsMore than 169 active grants and awards including an Order of Canada, 47 NSERC-funded grants, 3 Fellows of the Royals Society, 2 CFIs, and 1 CFREFMore than 270 active collaborations in 2019 spanning 26 countries and 6 continentsMore than 100 invitations to IQC to give quantum talks worldwide

Training the quantum workforce

More than 1600 people trained in quantum information and technology at IQC

Offer innovative training workshops for talented students and early career researchers to educate and recruit them to IQC

Inspiring more than 12,000 through academic and public lectures, hands on training and interative quantum demonstrationsMost comprehensive graduate program in quantum information

Supporting industry growth and commercialization

30% of IQC faculty are commercializing their research and expertise through startupsMore than 35 industry partnerships leads to quantum advances in areas ranging from optometry to cancer treatment to oil exploration to next generation display technology40% year over year use of IQC's quantum-nano fabrication and characterization facility used to design, prototype and manufacture devices since 2014More than 500 quantum workers supporting a $1.9 billion dollar ecosystem with IQC at the heart