Student Life

Students celebrate 45th annual Blackforest Coffeehouse

Two students performing Inuit throat singing on stage

On Saturday, March 11, students and staff gathered in Alumni Hall for the 45th annual BlackForest Coffeehouse. The evening was a huge hit for all involved as everyone was impressed by the level of talent on display. Also on display was the incredible diversity of the St. Paul’s student community. Acts included traditional African dance, Inuit throat singing, Arabic folk songs, as well as acapella groups, acoustic solos, instrumentals, slam poetry, and even some rap. 

student performs Arabic folk song three students perform traditional African dance routine

Students give underused space new life

Hannah and Hershel, two first-year Knowledge Integration students who lived at St. Paul’s this past year, teamed up for a class project that tasked them with redesigning or repurposing a poorly designed or underused space. Together, they agreed upon a “dead space” located on the main floor of East Wing, which they believed had potential to be much more.

Though it originally started as a class assignment, Hannah and Hershel decided to submit an application to FEDS for some funding to implement their vision. In the second round of the grant application process, they presented to the committee using a 3D model of their design along with existing floor plans and included a budget. The pair were excited to receive $4,300 from the Student Life Endowment Fund (SLEF) to assist with completion of the project.

Their goal is to create a lounge that will be comfortable and inviting for residents from all floors to gather and socialize. The funds received from the SLEF will be used to purchase new furnishings. St. Paul’s will contribute additional resources to ensure other elements of the design are completed, including new wall and floor finishes.

Hannah and Hershel plan to remain involved with the project until it is completed and are excited to see their class project come to life for the benefit of future members of the St. Paul’s community.

St. Paul's community to give Warrior Women's Basketball a boost

five members of Warriors marching bandSt. Paul’s is launching a unique initiative in partnership with the varsity women’s basketball team in Fall 2017. The College will support the team in two important ways. First, we have established the St. Paul’s Women’s Basketball Excellence Awards, which should help the team to recruit top players and second, the St. Paul’s community will develop a booster club complete with pre-game pep rallies and athlete meet-and-greets. 

While some details remain to be worked out, it is expected that a large group of St. Paul’s students and staff will attend most or all home games and occasionally travel for road games to nearby institutions. The purpose of this arrangement is to create news ways to bring together members of the St. Paul’s community – including alumni – and to enhance the College’s HeForShe campaign commitment by supporting a women’s team.

Plans are being made to celebrate this partnership with a huge opening game turnout and we hope alumni and friends in the local community will join us. If you are interested in learning more about this initiative, and what you can do to support it, please get in touch with Stephen Loo at