Academic News and Other Notes

Spring 2017

Lloyd Axworthy's term as Chancellor comes to an end

Lloyd Axworthy wearing Chancellor robe speaks at INDEV ring ceremonyWe’d like to take this opportunity to thank Dr. Lloyd Axworthy, PC CC OM, for his many contributions to the St. Paul’s community during his three-year term as St. Paul’s first Chancellor.

Dr. Axworthy rose to global prominence while he was Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs and was recognized globally for his work to advance the human security concept and for his work to implement the Ottawa Treaty to ban the use of landmines. He was installed with a ceremony held in Alumni Hall in October 2014, not long after he retired as president of the University of Winnipeg, where he was highly regarded for his work to improve the university’s relationship with Winnipeg’s Indigenous community.

His decades of experience in public life and in university administration provided Dr. Axworthy with a great deal of knowledge on topics relating to international development, social entrepreneurship and Indigenous education, knowledge that he was happy to share with students and faculty at St. Paul’s and UWaterloo.

During his time as Chancellor, Dr. Axworthy consulted the Board and the Principal on many important matters of administration. He attended several convocations, met with students in several different disciplines to discuss their research interests, established a student award for International Development students, and was instrumental to the initial success of GreenHouse alumnus Richard Yim and The Landmine Boys.

On behalf of the entire St. Paul’s community, we wish Dr. Axworthy well as he continues his work of seeking solutions to some of our world’s most pressing humanitarian issues. Interested members of the St. Paul’s community can participate in some of his work by following his newly launched Facebook page: Platform to Discuss New Ideas and Solutions to the World Refugee Crisis.

Lloyd is Chair of the Board for CUSO International and has recently been named Chair of the World Refugee Council, a group of global thought leaders and innovators seeking solutions to the global refugee crisis. The Council is based the the Centre for International Governance Innovation in Waterloo.