Ripple effect

Hagey Hall Hub building community

The doors to Hagey Hall Hub opened just as students arrived for Orientation on September 7, 2016. Since then, there has been a steady flow of students gathering to work on projects, meet with professors, study, or hang-out with friends for some downtime.

The promise of providing an accessible and dedicated space for Arts students has been achieved especially now that the infamous Hub glass elevator is running!

Dean Douglas Peers blows out a candle on the Hub birthday cake

Celebrating the Hub's first birthday. What do you think the dean wished for?


“The Hub is one of my favourite places to study on campus. I love working in the project cube because of its large windows and nice view.  It’s a great space for Arts students to connect and collaborate on projects.” Danielle Park, Global Business & Digital Arts, class of 2019

What we didn’t realize, though, was how this space would play a significant role in building community more broadly. Over the past two years the Hub has hosted the annual Arts Awards for Excellence, this winter’s Jerseys for Humboldt, alumni-student networking events, and student wellness initiatives, such as “De-stress with Puppies.” It has become the go-to place to gather for the entire Arts community — truly a hub for the Faculty.

Arts students patting a therapy dog

Exam stress disappears when therapy dogs are around!

Students painting and enjoying pizza

Students put their painting skills to good use during a recent end-of-term event hosted by the Arts Undergraduate Office and the Arts Student Union.


Incoming students fill the Hub on Arts 101 Day

The Hub welcomes incoming students for Arts 101 Day — an importance part of the process of transitioning from high school to university.

Staff from the ITC with their award

The Hub was an ideal setting for the 2018 Arts Awards for Excellence. Shown here: Dana Komer (centre) with colleagues from the ITC Project.


“A true community comes together in good times and in tragedy. The Humboldt incident reminds us that life can change in an instant. It was important to wear our jerseys and stand with the Faculty of Arts community, the University, and our country to offer our support to the Humboldt Broncos and their families. Strength comes in numbers. #JerseysForHumboldt #UWaterlooArts” Pat Gruber, Administrative Assistant, Economics

The Hagey Hall Courtyard

Then: The Hagey Hall courtyard in days gone by, even before the School of Accounting and Finance was built.

Hagey Hub

Now: How the courtyard looks today. Look closely: you can still see the original brickwork incorporated into the design.


We would like to thank everyone who generously supported this project, including our alumni, faculty, staff, retirees, family members of the University’s founders, and students.

“The Hub is a common ground for students in the Faculty of Arts. We are able to collaborate and innovate with each other, steps away from our classrooms.” Kylie Zwolak, BA Psychology, class of 2020