Smart Furniture Can Help You Improve Your Study Habits

5 Key Smart Furniture Pieces


Smart furniture has the ability to improve study habits and productivity levels for university students. As our society continues to digitize, there have been many new technology advancements for household objects that make it easy for users to improve their everyday tasks. 

ReST Bed  

A study has determined that the academic scoring for university students is associated with sleeping and waking patterns [1]. University students tend to experience high stress levels. A tool that may help decrease these levels through creating better sleep patterns is a smart mattress. The smart mattress allows students to physical support for their body while they are sleeping. ReST Bed provides a mattress that is fully customizable to support the user and enhance their sleep quality. The mattress also provides separate adjustments for each side of the bed. 

The mattress is customizable in 5 body zones: 

  • Legs
  • Lumbar
  • Shoulders
  • Head
  • Hips

There are 3 modes available for this bed: 

  • Manual: The chosen setting is locked. 
  • Auto position: The mattress detects your current position and automatically adjusts to the pre-set support that you chose for your different sleeping positions.
  • Automatic mode: Select the preferred level of support. The mattress automatically adjusts itself. No pre-sets necessary.  

ReST Bed

Smart blinds

Smart blinds allow users to open and close their blinds with a click of a button! Gone are the days of fiddling with the cords. Smart blinds can also be paired with virtual assistants such as Alexa or Siri. Users can also assign a voice command using a virtual assistant that instructs the blinds to open or close. For instance, saying, “Alexa, I’m going to work,” can trigger the blinds to open.  

Smart blinds can be controlled by different avenues depending on the company. Somfy, a smart blinds company, allows for the following avenues of control: 

Somfy smart blinds

  • Smart phone/tablet
  • Wall switches
  • Remote controls
  • Light sensors and timers

Wireless charging table 

Many companies are taking on smart tables that allow users to charge their devices by simply placing them on the table. These smart tables are especially useful for anyone who brings their charger with them on their excursions. Now they can leave their charger in their bag with no concern about how they will charge their device at home. This prevents students from worrying about forgetting chargers at their friend’s houses. This advanced technology has now made it easier than ever to wirelessly charge our devices. One company that offers this product is Wayfair.  

wireless side table

Smart air freshener  

A study was conducted to examine effects on work-related behaviour after being exposed to pleasant fragrances [2]. The results of the study concluded that pleasant fragrances positively affect work-related behaviour, and “performance was significantly enhanced” by fragrance in high and low stress environments. Moodo is a smart home fragrance diffuser that allows users to customize the scents that the device releases. This diffuser allows 4 separate scents to be used at the same time. With this smart product, students are able to increase their productivity levels. 

moodo productmoodo app

Smart lights  

Smart lights are becoming more popular, and it’s clear as to why. It is easy to control your lights from your smartphone and you can control the colour. Smart lights are especially beneficial because they can help you to improve your sleep by setting the lights to a darker colour approximately 20 minutes before you go to sleep. Further, they are able to sync with music and create exciting light stories. An example of a company providing this technology is Phillips Hue, which sells lights that can be synched to tv shows and games. Smart lights can make everyday activities more exciting. 

phillips hue lights around a tv


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