Four square garden

The kitchen garden at Brubacher House represents a typical Pennsylvania German four square garden of the mid-1800s in Ontario. 

Design features include four interior raised beds planted with annual vegetables that are rotated each season, as well as a border planted with flowers, medicinal and culinary herbs, and other perennials. A large raspberry patch provides delicious berries in summer and fall.

Many of the plants grown at Brubacher House have been graciously donated by the Waterloo Region Museum, and have been carefully researched and cultivated for their resemblance to varieties that the Brubachers would have had. We also save and replant many of our seeds from year to year, just as the Brubachers would have done.  

Visitors are welcome to explore the four square garden on their own, or as part of a guided museum tour with interpretation of traditional plants, gardening practices, and folklore.