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Fall 2016
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Qualifying Program
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An applicant who has completed a program of studies, in a field appropriate to the department/school of intended graduate study at least to the level of a recognized three-year program in a Canadian university (or equivalent) may be admitted as a qualifying student provided at least one of the following conditions is met:

  1. The applicant has achieved an overall cumulative three-year standing of at least 75%.
  2. The applicant has substantial relevant occupational experience (normally three years) beyond the completion of the prior program.
  3. The applicant has attained a higher than 75% in the final year.

Qualifying Students

Applicants who do not meet the University's requirements for admission to a graduate program or who are not yet prepared to undertake graduate study, may be considered for admission to a qualifying program. These students are not candidates for a degree. Thus, a qualifying student is not a graduate student.

A qualifying program is normally equivalent to a full year of undergraduate study with a minimum period of registration of two terms (or an equivalent in part-time registration).

It is normal that a qualifying program be made up of undergraduate courses. The program usually includes a minimum of eight one-term courses, and some Faculties or departments may require more. All of the courses must be specified at the time of departmental recommendation for admission to the qualifying program. Only in unusual circumstances will individuals be permitted to take graduate courses as part of their qualifying program. Completion of a qualifying program does not automatically entitle students to proceed towards a higher degree. Students who have completed a qualifying program and who wish to enter a Master's degree program must apply in the normal way. If it is apparent that such students are not qualified to proceed to a graduate degree, they will be refused admission to Graduate Studies.