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Fall 2016
The Graduate Calendar

Calendar - General Information & Regulations


Transfer of Academic Credit
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In graduate programs as defined in the Graduate Studies Calendar (Academic Regulations - Admissions) the maximum number of transferable credits shall be as follows:

  • for the course-work Master's: one-half of the course credits required for the degree, excluding credits awarded for the project.
  • for the thesis Master's: one-half of the course credits stipulated in an individual's program, excluding credits awarded for the thesis.
  • for the PhD: the acceptance of transfer credits from prior registration at another university will be determined in individual cases by the Associate Dean (Graduate Studies) of the Faculty at the time of admission to the program.

Transfer credits must be "unused" credits, i.e., they must not have been credited towards an earlier acquired degree or other academic credential. Transfer credits must be specified in writing at the time of departmental recommendation for admission. A minimum of 70% (University of Waterloo converted grade) is required for transfer credit.