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Message from your Alumni Engagement Officer

Dear alumni and friends, 

As the hustle and bustle of fall has begun, campus is booming with thousands of new students who have stepped foot on campus to begin their journey as Warriors and AHSSIEs. It feels like not long ago, I was this student, excited to start this chapter of my life. There will be so many accomplishments over the years to come and I can’t wait to be here to celebrate them.  

To introduce myself: I am the Alumni Engagement Officer, and I started this role on July 31. I am a graduate of the Faculty (BA, '15, Recreation and Sport Business). Being able to come back to my home Faculty to work has been heartwarming.  

I am very excited to continually connect with you and look forward to further meetings. Whether that is at an event, through 10KC Office Hours or a phone call, I am more than happy to get to know you. Please reach out if I can ever assist or if you would simply like to chat.  

Enjoy the fall weather and all the festivities that go along with it! 

Katelyn GordnerKatelyn Gordner (BA '15, Recreation and Sport Business) 
Alumni Engagement Officer  
Faculty of Health   


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Are you interested in giving back to current Faculty of Health students? Share your career and life experiences with students as they navigate their education, co-op positions and look for a job after graduation. 

How? Through one-on-one matches with students – or by hosting an 'Office Hour’ event to share your career expertise and experience with a small group of students and alumni.  

Or are you an alum at the early stage of your career and looking for others who have a career path similar to what you hope to achieve? Join our network and use the member list to find alumni to connect with who are eager to help fellow Faculty of Health alumni. 

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To host a 10KC Office Hour session or for further assistance, contact Katelyn Gordner

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Professional development courses 

Faculty of Health alumni can use the promotional code “UWAlumnus” to receive a 20 per cent discount on various non-credit courses and certificates offered by University of Waterloo Professional Development

In-class/virtual certificates

Learn about tools and techniques to help achieve your personal and career goals through these certificates. Each certificate comprises three to five courses (each one to four days in length), offered at various times throughout the year. Certain certificates offer a selection of courses to choose from and others have curricula aligned with industry standards set by professional bodies.

Learn more and see the full list of classes and webinars.

Online certificates

Develop new skills, gain practical knowledge and advance your career through these certificates. Each certificate comprises three to four courses online, offered every month with no completion deadlines.

See the full list of online certificates.

Individual courses

Various courses can be taken stand-alone or as part of a certificate. There are virtual and in-person classes available. For more information, visit Courses and certificates

Please contact WatSpeed for any inquiries or more assistance.

LinkedIn Learning access 

Faculty of Health alumni are offered complimentary access to LinkedIn Learning ($34.99/month approximate retail value). With LinkedIn Learning, alumni can access more than 16,000 digital courses taught by industry expects to further their learning. 

Register here for access to LinkedIn Learning. 

Alumni access to LinkedIn Learning will run through to January 31, 2024. 

Please contact Alumni Relations if more assistance is needed.